Meditation & Stress Relief

Stress Balls, Meditation Cushions, Water Fountains, Incense, Himalayan Salt Lamps

Electric & Handheld Massagers

Every kind of massage therapy including tapping, shiatsu, vibration, acupressure and compression.

physio & Rehab

Foam Exercise Rollers, Resistance Bands, Knee Sleeves & Braces, Wrist Compression Sleeves

Hot & Cold Therapy For Pain Relief

Hot & Cold Gel Packs, Compression Wraps, Moist Heating Pads, Cryoderm, Biofreeze

Relaxus Professional

Massage, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Health-Care Professionals Supplies and Equipment.

Ways to Relax & Unwind

Pure essential oils, diffusers, Organic Bath bombs, Bath Salts and Luxury Soaps

Sleep Aids & Snoring Solutions

Buckwheat and memory foam pillows. Sleep masks, pillow sprays and lots of Snoring Solutions

What we do  

Since 1992, our goal has been to make wellness products accessible to everyone and in every home. Relaxus is a trusted brand in holistic healthcare and relaxation products. Whether you are looking to feel healthier, happier, more energized, relaxed, or inspired – we have the goods to help you achieve your goal.

Relaxus Wholesale Canada
Relaxus Wholesale (Vancouver, Canada)

Twenty-eight years ago, we set out with a goal to make wellness products accessible to everyone and in every home. Our catalogue is continually growing as we discover and create new items that align with our values.

Relaxus Wholesale USA
Relaxus Wholesale (Ferndale & Ogden, USA)

We believe that happiness is contagious and develop products that make your day a little better. Whether you are looking to feel more energetic, happier, more energized, relaxed, or inspired.

Relaxus Professional
Relaxus Professional

We supply Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Spas and Health Care professionals with a wide range of equipment and supplies.

Aria Beauty Hair Styling Tools
Aria Beauty

With Aria Beauty Hair Styling Tools, there is non-damaging heat applied to the hair, because they have a different type of heating device inside them. They use a new kind of technology, visible Infrared Heat.

Relaxus Beauty
Relaxus Beauty

Discover on-trend beauty and lifestyle products for everybody. We have a uniquely curated collection of hair tools, brushes, cleansing tools, face rollers, sonic cleansing brushes, makeup and nail products.

Cobra RC Toys
Cobra RC Toys

Our RC toys developed and tested using better components and superior design and construction — things like premium quality built-in batteries resulting in quicker charge times and extended playtime.

Committed to your well-being

Our core values of providing variety, quality, value, customer service and joy have not wavered in our 30 years of business. Helping us spread wellness from Canada to around the globe.

Been in business since

North American Warehouses

Number of Products

Private Label, Product Development And Packaging Design

Private Label, Product Development and packaging Design

We’ve spent over 30 years developing our Relaxus brand of health, wellness, décor, gift and beauty products. We understand the highs and lows, risks and rewards of setting out on your own. As a respected and experienced manufacturer, we negotiate lower minimums and prices.


We source, develop and distribute products in North America and around the world. Our unique product mix is continually evolving as our diverse customer needs change.

Relaxus Beauty Hair Tools
Organic & Natural Bath Bombs, Bath Fizzies
Essential Oil Diffusers
Sleep Masks

Today, our product lines have grown tremendously in size and scope, but while the selection is vast, we’ve never lost focus of our vision to make life better…

We are always looking for global partners to help market our brands

We have helped start-up and nurture companies globally. They are independently owned and operated and pay a license fee for access to our expertise and brands.

Distributor Inquiries

Global Partners To Help Market Our Brands

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