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With Aria Beauty Hair Styling Tools, there is non-damaging heat applied to the hair, because they have a different type of heating device inside them. They use a new kind of technology, visible Infrared Heat.

About Us

Our collection combines unique far-infrared technology with stunning packaging concepts to take your beauty experience to the next level. All of our tools and accessories have been developed by our internal team of hairstylists to bring you salon-level shine, softness, and undeniable glam.

Our hair tools contain specialized ionic, non-damaging infrared heat technology and recommended for improved results on any hair type. Infrared gently warms the hair from the inside out rather than applying drying heat to the outside of the hair surface. Benefits of infrared include increase in softness, increase in shine, and humidity resistance which holds your style until the next time you wash. Experience instant professional standard results on all hair types.




Hair Dryers

Our innovative professional blow dryers combine far-infrared heat with ionic technology to dry your hair damage free! Reduces frizz and drying time while moisturizing hair with gentle low-wave infrared heat to soften and boost shine instantly.

Curling Irons

Our Curling Irons infrared heat instantly smooths hair and boosts shine while you achieve perfect curls or waves in seconds. Experience unparalleled softness and humidity resistance, which helps to hold your style til the next time you wash.

Aria Beauty Professional Hair Tools

Hair Straighteners

Our professional hair straighteners ensure that your hair is kept in pristine condition when hair straightening or curling. Gentle, deep-penetrating infrared heat never damages hair and provides endless shine and softness, while negative ions clean hair and reduce both static and frizz.

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