Our Story

Relaxus is a Canadian based Importer, Manufacturer, and Wholesale Distributor. We develop, design and source health & wellness, gift, beauty and toy products which are sold to local and international retailers, kiosks and health practitioners. Our products can be found in North America, South America, Mexico, UAE, India, Europe, Philippines, Australia, just to name a few.

We are always looking for global partners to help market our brands. We have helped start up and nurture companies in Europe and South Africa. They are independently owned and operated and pay a license fee for access to our expertise and brands. Contact us if you are interested for your region.

Relaxus Professional

Relaxus Professional Division offers one of the widest selections of professional Massage, Physiotherapy, Spa, Esthetician and Chiropractic equipment, supplies and related products in Canada. We develop our own items as well as partner with and distribute some of the industry’s leading brands. We are committed to providing health practitioners with high-quality products as well as expert training in the latest massage, yoga, meditation and therapy techniques.


Our wholesale catalog is constantly growing as we discover and create new items that align with our values. We believe that happiness is contagious and develop products that make your day a little better. We have products in most retail categories including gift, massage, health & wellness, toys, bath & beauty, assisted living, and travel. You can find our items on the shelves of health food stores, pharmacies, gift stores, toy stores, bookstores, yoga stores and just about any other kind of store there is.

Specialty Retail

Since opening our doors in 1992, our in-house development and design team has created several brands experiencing international success. A market leader in the specialty retail world, Relaxus has created product lines for sale at mall kiosks, branded retail stores and seasonal fairs around the world. Furthermore, we have worked with hundreds of retailers and mall managers to design and manufacture kiosks, displays, and other merchandising solutions.

Global Distribution

We currently have offices in Canada, the UK and South Africa, as well as strategically placed logistics warehouses across the United States. We look forward to continuing our growth by delivering unique products and serving our customers with the personal touch that counts. We would love for you to be a part of our family!

Facts about Relaxus

  • In Business since 1992
  • Over 10,000 SKUs
  • Supply premium equipment and products to Health Practitioners and Spas
  • Wholesale catalog with 1000’s of wellness, gift, toy and beauty products
  • Turn key retail solutions for the Specialty Retail market
  • 1 year guarantee on 99% of products
  • Offices in North America, Europe and Africa
  • 3 warehouses in North America