Why choose us as your Private Label partner?

We’ve spent 29 years experience developing our Relaxus brand of health, wellness, décor, gift and beauty products. We understand the highs and lows, risks and rewards of setting out on your own.

As a respected and experienced manufacturer, we can negotiate lower minimums and prices. We work with over 100 factories, and in many different categories, so there is an excellent chance we can help you find the product that suits your niche.

With our experience, we can help mentor you, the new entrepreneur. We offer solutions to problems you may experience by going direct to factories. Let us help get you started

Why Choose Private Label:

  1. Higher Margins & increased revenue – especially if shipping direct to consumer
  2. Opportunity to develop, promote & manage your brand and identity
  3. Receive products that fit your specifications
  4. Millennials and Gen Z want simple brands with unique messages
  5. Exclusive rights to sell your line or
  6. Enjoy wholesale Income by selling to other retailers.

Private Label Inquires

Private Label, Product Development And Packaging Design

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